Seven Miles not Twenty Miles

5 weeks out from Berlin Marathon. According to my original training plan that’s still up on the kitchen cupboard today should have been my second 20 mile SLR. I did not run a twenty miler today.

Today (Sunday) has been a strange day, some of which I have no intention of sharing. Instead of going out early to get miles in I woke up just in time for the start of the marathons. I beat myself up a little bit for not having got those miles in after which I could reward myself with a watch of those two races with a cup of tea.

What I did do however was get a good seven miles in in the time I had available following the end of the marathons and my planned time to get on the road. Certainly not the fastest, nothing to shout about but I’m happy with where I am and where I think I can progress to in the remaining time I have available.

I resolved today after watching the coverage from Berlin this morning, that I now have the opportunity to make the most of the time I have available to execute the best I can come race day. I had been wallowing in the fact that because of a mulitude of things I had labelled as problems things hadn’t been going according to plan as far as training and that was getting me down.

If you watched the European Championships marathon (also held in Berlin) earlier you will have seen an absolutely incredible run from Volha Mazuronak who remained committed to the race and took the win despite having to cope with what seemed to have been an absolute bloodbath of a nosebleed in the early stages. Marathon is life and, for Muzuronak at least, nosebleeds are an irrelevancy. What’s clear then is that this monster that is the marathon will throw a million things at you to cope with. Its how you cope with them that is the key part of the race that stands before you.

Something else happened earlier too that’s also kind of changed my perspective on this situation a little further too:

While on the road my friend (who loves a marathon and is only Chicago and Boston away from being a six star finisher) text me to see if I had watched the races earlier and whether I was excited about what was coming. My reply? Yes I’m excited but also worried because I am not where I want to be with my level of training. Her’s, naturally some will say, was: “Will, have faith, you have done this before!”

I had every intention of sharing at least some parts of my training in the pages of this blog and that hasn’t happened. What I do plan to do now is keep track of everything I do in what is now the short space of time leading up to my taper and share it here.

Why should I do that? I want to do it because Berlin is going to be special. Berlin was a second home during my childhood. I feel like it still is even though this trip will only be my second in seventeen years. I will run those oh so familiar streets I’ve walked along, I will run past the Kreuzkirche in Wilmersdorf where my grandmother spent a good deal of her life and where her funeral was held and there’ll be another World Marathon Major medal hanging round my neck in five weeks time. It will be the reward for the commitment I’m about to show and most importantly that I didn’t let a lack of motivation and injury problems derail my dream of getting to both the start of the finish of this race.

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